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Digital Building Consulting

Smart buildings, with their energy saving advantages, were supposed to change the world...

Well, they haven't.


And, 20 years after their inception, smart buildings still do not come close to realizing their potential. Design teams do not know how to create an integrated, smart building. They do not know how to create a Digital Building which transforms the human experience in the built environment.


However, dmp. does know how to create a digitally integrated building. We know how to transform the human experience in the built environment. We know how to create buildings that attract and retain team members, or students, or caregivers, or [your challenge here]. We know how to reduce not just energy and utility use, but OpEx overall. Oh, and the process reduces DevCost, too.


We know how to create buildings which enable transformative, complex outcomes which benefit all. Know an organization with a building (or a global portfolio) that could use some help?


Cornell Tech Innovation Center

New York City, NY

Design Leader for Integrated Building Technology, ICT, and Audiovisual consulting. This innovative project is incorporating smart building integration to not only improve the human experience but to also use the building as a teaching tool for the built environment scope of research and education. The building is also targeting net-zero through smart building integration and sustainability best practices.

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ConocoPhillips Canada HQ

Calgary, Canada

Project Director and Smart Buildings consulting leader. Led the project team in accessing the opportunities for smart building integration through the re-visioning of the Calgary HQ project. The project transformed the collaboration and operations experience without adding first cost to the project.

St. Elizabeth's Hospital Building

Washington, D.C.

Lead Smart Building consultant for multiple buildings on the campus. The scope included a complete review of the GSA smart building standards, current implementation requirements, and recommendations for implementation of the standards on the project that would most closely meet the GSA’s standards and future goals.

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Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Dallas, TX

Lead Integrated Building Technology designer, working with the design and construction team to integrate together mechanical, lighting, shading, and exhibit systems with calendar-based dynamic automation.

Masdar HQ

Masdar City, UAE

Lead AV Designer/Project Manager overseeing AV and acoustics for the largest energy-positive mixed-use development in the world. The design team was required to have absolutely all of the building’s energy requirements for all systems met by the photovoltaic panels located on the trellis roof covering the entire project site.

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Lumina Residences

San Francisco, CA

Digital technology design leader for smart buildings, integrated home technology, IT, AV, and security for the 656 units in four towers along with a members lounge, restaurant, and bar in addition to a fitness center and other outdoor amenities.

Burj Vista

Dubai, UAE

Lead AV, ICT, and Integrated Home Technology Designer / Project Manager overseeing AV, ICT, acoustics, security, and media services (internet, phone, and cable TV provider selection). The project includes 900 residential units in two towers, amenities, two floors of retail in the podium, and a Broadway caliber theater.

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