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Digital Insight

Many applications and systems have been developed to improve our lives. These applications are typically not designed to be integrated together with other applications. Further, the data in each application is trapped within its database, and not designed to be shared or leveraged.


At dmp. we help clients see the big picture with big data, and help turn mundane information into Insight. Insight about the efficiency in an organization. Insight about tenant utilization of amenities. Insight about how managed service providers are performing, without directly managing their work. Insight about how things may be changed to achieve a more optimal result.


Insight solutions help organizations be dynamic and agile. Insight enables experimentation with lower risk. Insight enables constant and ongoing optimization.


Insight creates a better perspective. What isn't known that would be amazing to know?


The District Wharf

Washington, D.C.

Project Director and digital strategy leader developing visualization tools to capture and extrapolate understanding of site data in order to optimize operations.  Data sets included performance venue calendars, Water Taxi locations, shuttle locations, parking utilization, wireless device tracking, and other data.

District Wharf - Attributed.png