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Pursue better opportunities

See how Digital Masterplanning helps you avoid costs and accelerate timelines as you arrive at a go, no-go decision with greater confidence than ever before.


Tired of spending lots of time and money exploring opportunities that don't go anywhere?

Feasability analysis is costly and time-consuming. It’s also an integral part of the real estate development process.


Do it yourself faster and at a fraction of the cost

Digital Masterplanning’s Developer Module equips you with the tools you need to quickly analyze more opportunities in-house.


Control costs and trim timelines

Without a rigorous, air-tight pre-development process, a development is doomed to failure before ground is ever broken. Turn to Digital Masterplanning to fortify your process as you:

  • Quickly confirm site suitability with the datasets you need to understand the context of the community.

  • Pick the perfect program mix and automatically generate investment-committee-ready pro formas.

  • Avoid the expense and slowdown of hiring an architect to mock up proposed assets⁠—instead, do it yourself with intuitive tools.



Put together a more profitable portfolio

Building a strong portfolio requires careful vetting of each possible addition. Leverage Digital Masterplanning to:

  • Do due dilligence on opporunities you’ve identified and have an idea of costs and revenues before taking the project to a developer.

  • Move forward with⁠—or take a pass on⁠—proposals with greater confidence.

Comparison is crucial

With Digital Masterplanning’s scenario comparison feature, you can line up your most promising opportunities side-by-side to discover which are truly worth the investment.

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