About Us

What Drives Us?

Digital Masterplanning is more than just a startup; it is a collection of individuals with decades of combined experience in the planning, design, and real estate industries.

This experience has led us to the realization that the real estate and infrastructure development process is mired with inefficient and ineffective software. The creators of that software, rather than working towards solutions, have instead focused on maintaining market dominance by impeding cross-platform integration.

Who pays the price? Users, who are forced into cumbersome workflows to accommodate sub-optimal tools.

At Digital Masterplanning, we believe in progress. We believe in building a better model that makes the old one obsolete. We believe that the right tools can revolutionize industries that have been stuck in the past for far too long. We pursue radical disruptions defined by sustainability, equity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

We aren't just here to build software. We are here to transform the ways in which people plan, design, shape, and understand the built environment. We are here to shift the paradigm.

We're proud to be a part of these communities


Named the #1 business incubator in the world by UBI global, Chicago-based 1871 supports innovators from idea to Fortune 500.

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Shadow Ventures and its incubator, Shadow Labs, strive to foster and grow the next generation of built environment startups.

Our launch partners

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Headquartered in Minneapolis, United Properties has been creating deep roots in the commercial real estate industry for more than 100 years.

Established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2000, V3 Middle East Engineering Consultants Company has built a strong reputation for architectural, engineering, and design excellence.


Based in St. Louis, Paradigm Builders is a vibrant Construction firm that brings synergy between seasoned industry tradespersons and young, innovative professionals.

Our Team


David Wilts

Founder &

Chief Executive Officer


Rami Jabour

Chief Operating Officer


Rich Peters

Chief Information Officer


Jonathan Berti

Lead Developer


John Fleming

Data Operations Manager


Evan Walters

User Experience Architect


Alex LeFauve

User Experience Architect