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Stakeholder buy-in doesn't have to be costly

See how Digital Masterplanning helps you communicate with your stakeholders like never before.


Tired of trying to use 2D tools to tell 3D stories?

Real estate development happens in 3D. However, industry professionals typically rely on 2D slide decks and spreadsheets to tell the stories of their developments.

The result? Stakeholders have a harder time understanding your vision


Put the real in real estate

Digital Masterplanning's purpose-built storytelling tools make it easy to create immersive, flexible presentations in a data-rich, 3D environment, helping you win over stakeholders and keep your team on the same page.

The best part? Your presentations are tied to the information in your data hub, so they're always up to date.


Bring your projects out of the spreadsheet and into reality

You’ve found an exciting development opportunity—a fantastic location, great numbers. Now, how do you allow others to see it through your eyes? Bring in Digital Masterplanning to:

  • Engage stakeholders with compelling 3D visuals and dynamic presentations

  • Break endless meeting cycles by getting your message across the first time

  • Make changes and answer questions on the fly with flexible presentation flows

  • Quickly grasp the full picture to make better, faster decisions 



Showcase your assets’ value

You know the ins and outs of your portfolio, but helping others understand it like you do can be a challenge. Look no further than Digital Masterplanning to:

  • Update investors on the performance of their portfolio

  • Secure new tenants with impactful presentations that showcase the best of your assets

  • Craft powerful pitches for investors and buyers

Give your audience a bird’s-eye view of your buildings—and their data

Sometimes it can be hard to get your audience to see the big picture when giving a traditional presentation. With Digital Masterplanning, the big picture is always front and center. The Platform’s immersive presentations empower you to convey your message in an intuitive, visually appealing way, helping you keep your stakeholders engaged and in the know.

Bird's Eye View 2.png

Give your presentations another dimension

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