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Help us help you

Digital Masterplanning seeks motivated, reliable beta testers to participate in our 30-day free pilot program.

Who we're looking for

We want to make sure your time with us is well spent, so let's make sure we're a match.

Real estate developers

Although our platform stands to serve numerous user groups, we're starting with a narrow focus.

Just starting a project...

At this point in its development, dmp. is most useful in opportunity analysis and pre-development project stages.

...that's a tad complex

Our platform is designed to deal with complexity--with projects that include various buildings, parks, infrastructure, etc.

Communication is crucial

dmp. is a powerful communication aide. To get the most out of it, beta testers must use this aspect of the platform. 

Looking to go deep

We seek testers who are as excited about dmp. as we are and are committed to exploring it in its entirety. 

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